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Add a Spotify Playlist to your Blog

I’ve noticed a lot of students are writing about music this semester. One of the challenges with music writing in the past has been trying to give the reader an idea of what the music sounds like without actually playing the music.

Today, however, you have other options – some of you have been embedding YouTube videos in your blog posts. That works – but can also be distracting.

Here is one way to just share songs and playlists with your blog readers using Spotify.

You can share songs on Spotify (like this awesome Thelonius Monk tune):

Or you can share entire Spotify playlists (Like this playlist of highly recommended jazz tunage):

How do you do it? Follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install Spotify. Create an account (the basic account is free – supported by ads which may interrupt your music listening).
  2. Search for music that you like and create a playlist that you want to share.
  3. Right click [PC] or control click [Mac] on the name of your playlist and select “Make Public” if it is not already checked.
  4. Right click [PC] or control click [Mac] on the name of your playlist and select “Copy Playlist Link”.
  5. If you only want to embed a single song, Right click [PC] or control click [Mac] on the name of the song and select “Copy Song Link”.
  6. Go to WordPress and create a new post. Create a “Spotify” block and paste the embed link into the block.
  7. Preview your blog post. Look OK? Great – Click “Publish”!

CAVEAT: Your reader must have Spotify installed to listen to your playlist.  

Easy, huh? So what are you waiting for? Go try it on your own blog! And for those about to rock, I salute you! 

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is an Instructor in Marketing at the University of Northern Iowa. Matthew teaches courses in Digital Advertising, Advertising Campaign Development, and Experiential Marketing. He is passionate about the Interactive Digital Studies program at UNI and is also the faculty advisor for AAF-UNI, the college chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Matthew is a creative director with 18 years of experience working in advertising, interactive design, video production and experience design.

5 thoughts to “Add a Spotify Playlist to your Blog”

  1. Thanks for the article Matthew . I don’t see Spotify coming to my country anytime soon. However, there are plenty of workarounds available to access it here in my country. Personally, I use UnoTelly for more than a year and I can access Spotify like I am in USA.

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