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SEOMoz – SEO Software Company with Fantastic Inbound Marketing

SEOmoz is an SEO software company that creates immensely popular tools for SEO marketers looking to improve their website’s rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. 

Their website contains a wealth of excellent free content on SEO in theory and practice –  and many in the industry use this content even if they are not SEOmoz customers. These resources establish SEOmoz as a “thought leader” in the SEO field and they earn much positive awareness and industry respect as a result.

A good place to start is their free SEO guide for beginners: 

SEOmoz is a great example of how a strong inbound marketing program can accomplish many things (increase awareness, create positive brand perception, increase sales, etc) if done correctly.

They’re also a good follow on Twitter for the latest on SEO and Search marketing (at @SEOmoz).

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is an Instructor in Marketing at the University of Northern Iowa. Matthew teaches courses in Digital Advertising, Advertising Campaign Development, and Experiential Marketing. He is passionate about the Interactive Digital Studies program at UNI and is also the faculty advisor for AAF-UNI, the college chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Matthew is a creative director with 18 years of experience working in advertising, interactive design, video production and experience design.

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